Thursday, October 7, 2010


Well, today I went over to my new friend L's house for coffee and a chat.  We met through my daughter and her granddaughter attending primary school together and becoming friends.  This is the first friendship I have attempted since moving to NSW 17 months ago and the first time I have been to her house.  It was great.  It was nice to talk to someone face-to-face about different things besides who needs to go where and what we need at the shop.

Spending time with L today was fun, and made me think of my one true BFF.

B and  I in 1994 at my hen's night
B!  B is my soul sister.  It's almost like we are twins and were separated at birth, only to find each other again when we finally met in 1992.  We know what each other is thinking, we can finish each others sentences.  We can talk everyday for a month, not speak for two months, and then pick up again as though we've never missed a beat.

Melbourne Cup Day!
She is an absolutely amazing friend.  She has ALWAYS been there for me, even at my darkest hours, and continues to lift me up despite where she is at with her own journey in life.

B and I in 1996 with my son A

After spending time with L this morning, and thinking about how much I missed B, I phoned her.  And spent the next hour laughing and crying and missing her and loving her more than ever.  B's dad passed away recently, and I just wish that we lived closer than the 6 hour drive, so that I could physically support her through her grief.  I would do anything I could to erase the pain I know that she is experiencing.

B & I in 1997

B has married a pretty awesome guy, J.  They are so in love and it is really beautiful to see.  He has been a tremendous support to her during her Dad's illness and later after his passing.  I think they are both pretty darn lucky to have each other!

B and I in 1999 on my 26th birthday when I was pregnant with daughter L
 B is a wonderful mother to three amazingly gorgeous and delightful children; P-18, A-13 and H-17mths.  She is expecting again and is due in December with number 4.  I cannot wait to meet her latest beautiful creation!
My BFF!!!!!!
B is the most beautiful person I know, both inside and out.  Not a moment goes by without thinking of you my darling girl, my BFF, my soul sister.  I love you and thank you for being a truly amazing person and BFF!
"In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.  It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.  We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit" - Albert Schweitzer
I am thankful to have you in my life B! xxx

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